Foundation Ambulance Teams Up With National Van Builders, Inc. To Provide Wheelchair Accessible Vans Nationwide

Foundation Ambulance, the industry’s newest expert in high-quality emergency vehicle remounting and Type II transits, announced today that it has teamed up with National Van Builders, Inc. to provide customers with wheelchair accessible vans across the nation.

National Van Builders, Inc. is well-known for building the highest quality wheelchair accessible vans, multi-passenger shuttle vans and executive vans in the Industry. These vans are custom-built to the customer’s specifications and are fully FMVSS, ADA and Ford QVM compliant. With over 20 years of experience, National Van provides the highest quality vehicles at the lowest possible price across the United States. Models include Ford Transit in 130”, 148” long and 148” extended wheelbase, medium and high roof with available side or rear lift and customized seating plans to meet your specific needs. Customers have a wide array of choices when it comes to optional equipment on their vans including stretcher mounts and even a spare wheelchair holder.

We’re excited to be working with National Van Builders. Inc. to provide our customers with more options and accessibility.  Keep up to date with all of our news on our social media accounts and at

About Foundation Ambulance
Foundation Ambulance, Inc. is a certified, woman-owned small business in Fayetteville, Georgia that remounts ambulances from all manufacturers as well as manufacturing their own brand of Type II Van Ambulances. The employees of Foundation have worked together for decades as the former largest remounter for a quarter of a century. Foundation manufactures 100% of the process in-house including metal fabrication, cabinetry, electrical, upholstery, paint and graphics.

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