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Foundation Ambulance is founded by industry veterans who have learned what customers come to expect from remounts after decades of experience. Our state-of-the-art remounting facility is staffed by highly-trained professionals and fitted with only the best materials available. From paint, to cabinetry, to electrical, a Foundation ambulance is custom built in-house to your specifications. We want your every need to be met and will work tirelessly to fulfill your vision. You can learn more about our detailed remount process and the steps involved below.


Metal & Mount-Down

  • We can dismount your current vehicle and provide a thorough inspection to identify the sections that need attention.
  • If necessary, our expert team can do any metal repairs that will get it running in prime condition.
  • Our custom remounting facility allows us to remount any existing parts onto a new chassis.




  • Our craftsmen only use StopSaw saws for maximum safety and accurate cabinetry that fits the specified dimensions.We are proud to craft the cabinetry for your vehicle with any customization you require, no request is out of our hands.
  • The team of master carpenters have decades of experience in the ambulance services industry and know how to make every piece feel unique and practical.


  • Our team can work with you to execute any design ideas your marketing team has come up with but we are also happy to work with you to create a new design.
  • Our state-of-the-art printer and plotter is one of only two available that can print true orange.
  • All designs and custom graphics are done in-house by our design team.


  • The current, old finish on the vehicle is stripped where we then prepare the surface for a new coat of paint tailored to your request.
  • Vehicles are primed and painting using PPG Coatings for the best looking results.
  • For a more uniform look, doors and hinges are removed and painted separately.
  • After the painting is complete, the applied finish is buffed and then polished for an ambulance that shines like brand new.


  • Seamless upholstery is custom-crafted to meet your demands for comfort and quality.If you are happy with your current upholstery, we are able to repair any damage it has received over time.
  • Looking for a change? We also can replace any upholstery for a fresh new look.
  • A variety of color options are available to you.
  • We can also recover and repair any child safety seats that need to be addressed.


  • Because it's one of the most vital aspects of your ambulance, our factory-trained electrical technicians are capable of any repairs or maintenance needed.We provide all new electrical system installation or work to fix any normal wear and tear that any ambulance may experience.
  • An electrical team with decades of experience means that no job is too difficult.
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