Foundation Ambulance spares no expense setting up cutting-edge remount facility. From painting, cabinetry, upholstery, graphics, and metal fabrication, each member of the staff is highly trained and an expert in their field. Throughout the duration of the process, our knowledgeable workers strive to perfect every part of your ambulance with our unique in-house touch. Our number one priority is that your unit is safe and secure before it drives back into service.



From the fresh coat of paint to the bright graphics, these are the first things people will notice about your ambulance. Though it may seem like an unimportant touch, a good first impression is never a bad one to make. Foundation ambulances' graphics are installed properly, eye-catching, and will give your vehicle a visual pop. Your customers will see that you pay attention to detail because our graphics machine is one of only two available capable of printing true orange. Have an idea in mind? The graphics department is ready to help make that vision a reality. We can create custom graphic layouts for a variety of units including command cars and other fleet vehicles whether they came from here or not. We can even put them on the drive as well! Check out our custom graphic portfolio here.


Is there something your vehicle is missing? Foundation will be your go-to destination for any and all parts. We support every manufacturer and will be able to help you find any part you need. Call Foundation for any of our parts needs and our team will be happy to help. We are waiting to hear from you! Call us today at 678-826-2219


Metal Fabrication

Our metal fabrication/dismount/mount-down department is helmed by the most talented metal workers in today's industry. Our staff will stop at nothing to ensure the strength and safety of your vehicle as if it were brand-new.


Foundation's cabinetry department uses only StopSaw saws, keeping our team of master carpenters safe, no matter the task. We only use the finest materials and finishes, so you can rest assured that the cabinetry in your vehicle is custom built to your exact specifications.



Are you looking for minor repairs to otherwise sound upholstery? Or does your ambulance need a completely new set of seamless upholstery? Either way, Foundation has you covered! With our upholstery professionals it will look like your vehicle has just come out of the assembly line.


What makes the difference between a dependable remount and an unreliable one? Our electrical department is here so you never have to ask that question. With electrical failures and poor wiring, you won't have an ambulance to service your community. Rest assured that our electricians have a vast knowledge of ambulances and allow your ambulance to succeed expectations rather than simply meet them.

Next Steps...

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